Hit N’ Run: Jokers Of The Scene – Y’all Know The Name

Jokers Of The Scene

Heard this track and it BLEW my mind during my training run. Happened to come up just as I was in the middle of hitting a wall, so it essentially saved me. This is the first time I’ve heard of these guys, but sounds like a lot of their stuff is dirty electro house… and who doesn’t love it dirty? The thing that got me hooked was the surprise sample of one of my all time favorite “I want to feel bad ass” tracks. Listen for yourself and you’ll know what I mean…



The Long Run: Refueling Naturally

100% Natural

A recent article in Runner’s World about natural alternatives to sports drinks like any of the electrolytes infused –ades got me thinking: Are all these sports nutrition products really worth spending on? With natural alternatives and a little knowledge wouldn’t it be easier to just stock our fridges with things like coconut water or cranberry juice versus neon green powders to just add water to? Not to mention saving the grief on consuming additives that most people can’t pronounce without an interpreter.

If sport drinks are just the tip of the iceberg for sports marketing fuel products for you (I know they are for me) you might want to read up on a recent study published by NPR before your next trip to GNC. A recent independent study commissioned by consumer reports found that leading muscle building protein drinks (which are popular post run refreshments) have more than the daily allowance of metals such as arsenic, cadmium and lead. Arsenic? I didn’t even know there was a daily allowance for something like that.


Here are a few links to give you starting places on finding out alternative ways to fueling up for your next run without the pre-packaged bars, powders and bottles:


Homemade Snack Energy Bar Recipes: http://www.cptips.com/hmdesnk.htm


Vegetarian Homemade Protein: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/kristi5.htm


Fuel During Long Run Endurance Training: http://www.wellsphere.com/healthy-eating-article/fuel-for-endurance-running/806321

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