Fitness On The Go with Daily Burn

If you watch TV, you’ve probably seen commercials for the Daily Burn program. Now, I learned that I shouldn’t trust any of the fitness commercials that are out there without proper research, but I was surprised to see how potentially good Daily Burn might be. So I decided to check it out and dig up some info on it and I learned that the program is actually very fun and time friendly for everyone.

Daily Burn is unique to me as most, if not all, of the workout stuff is online. Once you have successfully made your account and set up your workout schedule, you’re given a huge variety of workouts that range in time and type of workout. The website helps you fine tune your workout routine via the time schedules. The program doesn’t stop there though; it even comes with a diet program that compliments your workout. According to their website, the program was tested for 90 days, exercising 6 days a week with a balanced diet. According to them, these users were losing about 2 pounds a week, which doesn’t too unrealistic at all considering that they’re combining a balanced diet with exercise.

One of the things that makes this program so awesome is that you have access to it anywhere. When they show the commercial, they’re not kidding when they say you can use it on your phone, tablet, and other mobile devices. I have some hesitation when it comes to smaller scale usage just because I have a hard time seeing myself looking at my phone or tablet without getting annoyed or potentially screwing up my form. This goes further as the Daily Burn program also has an iPhone app that you can use to track your workout progress. I’m also enjoying the fact that they give you 30 days to try this out in case its not your thing. They don’t promise you amazingly impossible weight loss or instant muscles, but they do give you the opportunity to work around your busy schedule. Some workouts utilize the HIIT method of exercise, which allows you to burn fat in less workout time per day. Others range from strength workouts and weights to yoga and intense cardio exercises, all ranging from 7 minutes to an hour for your convenience. I would definitely suggest to try this out, it doesn’t hurt since its free for a month.

Considering Beachbody’s Turbo Fire

DVD workouts can be tricky. For one, you can start with full enthusiasm and motivation, but after your first session, you can just chuck that DVD into the abyss. Sometimes you get overwhelmed by the intensity, or even lack of, that the videos can dish out. Some of them can even be completely useless and not show any improvement to your health. But I’ve seen and tried a couple and I find that Beachbody Turbo Fire program is pretty neat. Typically I avoid these kinds of programs because there’s always the issues of needing to buy more things in order for your workout to mean anything, but Turbo Fire doesn’t require a whole lot, despite the company using several other workout and dietary programs that typically compliment each other. But when I found out that this workout just needs some space and a resistance band, I figured it’s worth the check.

The workout utilizes high intensity interval training, making your body burn fast. The rest in between the workouts- about a few seconds per one minute of exercising- is supposed to aid in “kick starting” your metabolism. The neat thing about the workout is that its only a 4 minute exercise. Apparently, according to the official Beachbody website, doing for minutes of the high intensity interval training is better than 30-40 minutes of regular cardio. I did some research and found that even though initially regular cardio tends to burn about twice the calories as performing HIIT workouts, the amount of fat loss per calorie is exponentially higher for people utilizing the HIIT exercises. The 90 day program utilizes this HIIT program to help people lose some weight and put some toning on the muscle groups that you work out. With positive reviews and a sale going on for it right now, Turbo Fire seems like a good starter to losing weight. However, if you’re just not into the whole DVD workout thing, there are always plenty of reliable resources to build your own HIIT workout regimen as well.

One of my initial concerns with this workout DVD was the potential issue with the need to purchase all the Beachbody patented equipment and dietary supplements with the package, as some DVD workouts tend to do. However, I was surprised to see that you don’t need anything but the workout. Though Turbo Fire does tend to be on the pricey side, you get a ton of DVDs with several workouts. You also get a Yoga session to help stretch your muscles and reduce pain and/or injury.

Don’t Give Up This Year!

If you’ve been hitting the gym lately, you might have started seeing the New Years resolution people not coming as often anymore. Like every other year, this tends to happen and it sucks for people who actually try to make the effort but fall short in the end. Maybe people who finally decide to workout don’t do enough research and just burn out.

From my experience, if you have a fitness/health goal, you would think that aiming for a final goal would be the most motivating thing you can do. In reality, that’s not true simply because you will be overwhelmed, especially if you’re new to weight loss and exercise management. The fitness resolutions I usually hear is “I’m going to the gym EVERY day and not stop till I’m really fit!” but the problem with that is that there’s absolutely no research behind HOW to get to that goal. When I plan my workout and diet I always start small. If you start small, you can make stepping stones to the ultimate goal, so keep it small. Instead of, lets say, saying you’re going to lose 100 pounds, start with 15 and get adjusted to the changes you have to commit to in your diet and physical activity. You can’t just  jump into eating less and  hoping you’re gonna shed the weight, you’ll only exhaust yourself and ruin your metabolism. Starving yourself won’t do you any better as well. For whatever reason, some people who start dieting for the first time think that not eating will be good for weight loss. That’s exactly why you fail your resolution, you can’t handle the unnecessary strain you put on your body. There are diets that give you ample foods to eat, it’s just a matter of weighing yourself, checking your current eating habits, and how to control it and choose healthier alternatives. Sleeping well and making a good eating schedule makes a huge difference too. Again, this all has to start small, otherwise you’re just going to give up.

Again, research is imperative and you have to ease into your routines. Don’t expect to just get on a treadmill or bike and expect everything is good. Of course, 45 minutes of cardio is great, but it’s no good if your form is poor and you’re just not putting resistance or effort. For the aspiring weight lifters who want muscle AND weight loss, it’s probably best you don’t just hope that your resolution of getting buff will be it. I’ve seen people jerk and tug weights thinking they’re doing the right thing because they can feel the “burn” but they’re only causing more unnecessary strain and possible injury. The very first thing anyone should do is look up what exercises you need to do and make sure how to do the form to prevent injury. Next, make a schedule of days of when you are going to do a specific workout. Don’t measure your weight through a scale always when you’re weightlifting for definition and weight loss too. Sometimes its also very effective to measure the areas  you are working out to see if they are smaller. If you’re looking for weight loss and definition, then you’re doing well since the fat is being burned off and the muscle is becoming more defined through the weight training.

Sometimes its hard to keep these resolutions, but you have to also remember that weight loss is not just something you dictate to be a resolution. It is also a matter of making  long-term lifestyle changes that you have to dedicate too. There aren’t any shortcuts to this, so before you even consider making it a resolution, you have to be aware of that fact. It will save you money if you consider your commitments first because then you can avoid the hassle of signing up to a gym and paying for it, only to quit not even halfway through your progress.

Valentines for Runners

Valentines Day sometimes can be just a mountain of chocolates and flowers. However, for you runners out there, or even peeps with Valentines who run, chocolates might not be the greatest gift. So, what can substitute the forbidden, but delicious treats? Well, here are some suggestions that might work out.

So, seeing as we’re in the new age of technology and all that, why not consider running software for your Valentine? Things range between the Nike+ tool with free app to a simple iTunes gifting of Zombies, Run- a great fun app to get your lover running from zombies. Apps are versatile in that: 1) you don’t have to worry about gift wrapping it and 2) they’ll most definitely benefit your Valentine’s workout routine while adding a little fun to their run. Though running trackers do tend to be on the more pricey side, they do give an in depth breakdown of running schedules while providing motivation through various challenges provided in the software.

Want to try and treat your Valentine runner with R&R instead of hardware/software? an amazing spa treatment for the both of you is both romantic and thoughtful. Considering how much physical strain runners undergo during their daily training, spa treatment will definitely assist for the hardworking body. A better treat would be feet and leg spa treatment, obviously since a lot of shock and impact on the feet, ankles, and knees can cause much pain and discomfort after some time. It will also allow the both of you to bask in relaxation and peace while you both get the opportunity to learn more about each other, catch up, or just simply enjoy each other company.

Want to do something simple, but meaningful? Why not frame the running feats and accomplishments of your valentine runner? Not only will they be reminded of their awesome skills and hard work, but it’ll show them that you really care and took the time to present them their accomplishments in a cute way. It also helps you, the reader, a lot because it is very inexpensive but thoughtful, which is a hard combo to pull sometimes. Also, it’s pretty hard to get their physical keepsakes, so pulling this off just makes that much more awesome! Not just that, but it shows that you took the time to get things like prints of their most accomplished race or event and other memorabilia pertaining to these things.

Of course, if none of these seem to suit the tastes of your romantic runner, why not take them to a trail and just enjoy a simple jog together? Not only will you be able to absorb the scenery around you two, but you’ll participate in the thing they love doing, running! Great workouts will undoubtedly result in closer bonding as you both push it to the limits for entertainment and just cute fun. Try these things out, because even though chocolates are delicious, these things will give you all the fun you want, without all the calories.

Romantic Hiking Ideas

With Valentine’s Day coming up tomorrow, do you know where you’re taking your significant other? For some, a romantic dinner and movies can work, but how about take it to the next step and try a romantic hike? It might seem strange breaking a sweat as a Valentine’s date, but I guarantee that these trails will bring a light of romance in an otherwise hardworking exercise. These hiking trails have both the nice exercise and scenery of the hike, but it also provides a unique experience that you may share with your special someone on this day of love.

  1. One of the most romantic locations for a hike is the lovely Blufftop Trail at the Palos Verdes Estates. You can get the address here for more information. This trail is pretty amazing, as you get a pretty sweet view of the coast, a perfect setting to get romantic for Valentine’s Day. With the Santa Monica Mountains as a backdrop for your hike, this dirt path trail will provide a quiet, relaxing and romantic trail. The luxurious houses near the area do provide a nice juxtaposition to the natural vibe that the trail presents, bring a perfect balance between nature and civilization.
  2. Not looking for something with an ocean? Well, the Chiquito Basin in the Santa Ana Mountains might work for you. Not only is this trail romantic, but it’s available year round. The hike to and from Chiquito Basin, a meadow on the slopes of the Santa Anas, is one of the few hikes in the area that can be done year-round. Though very lovely in scenery, it should be noted that you might want to be a bit prepared for this venture, as it can get a bit tricky hiking here. Make sure you take the necessary precautions for this hike, as well as any hike to make sure your romantic day won’t get spoiled. There are various areas that cater to various hikers. As the page states here, it might be a bit tricky to get to the trail, but you’ll truly enjoy the natural beauty it has to offer.
  3. Griffith Park is probably one of the most popular places you hear about when you think hiking trails around Southern California, and with good reason. Not only will you be nearby the cool Griffith Observatory, but you’ll also be able to see a wonderful view of Los Angeles. You’ll also notice that you can find a path that will take you straight to mount Hollywood, which will be amazing for a romantic date.
  4. Honestly, I didn’t know that SoCal had such an amazing canyon! Solstice Canyon, located in Malibu, will definitely get you some alone time with your love. The place even has a year round waterfall! This place, containing historical structures as well, can both be an educational trip, as well as a calming one. The seemingly quiet trail will both teach you new things as well as have you enjoying a nice and peaceful day with your Valentine. These are but a few of the amazing trails that will give you some fun experiences with your Valentine. Check them out and make sure that you take the necessary precautions before heading out so you can have a safe hike! For more information, click here and start planning your romantic trip!

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