Romantic Hiking Ideas

With Valentine’s Day coming up tomorrow, do you know where you’re taking your significant other? For some, a romantic dinner and movies can work, but how about take it to the next step and try a romantic hike? It might seem strange breaking a sweat as a Valentine’s date, but I guarantee that these trails will bring a light of romance in an otherwise hardworking exercise. These hiking trails have both the nice exercise and scenery of the hike, but it also provides a unique experience that you may share with your special someone on this day of love.

  1. One of the most romantic locations for a hike is the lovely Blufftop Trail at the Palos Verdes Estates. You can get the address here for more information. This trail is pretty amazing, as you get a pretty sweet view of the coast, a perfect setting to get romantic for Valentine’s Day. With the Santa Monica Mountains as a backdrop for your hike, this dirt path trail will provide a quiet, relaxing and romantic trail. The luxurious houses near the area do provide a nice juxtaposition to the natural vibe that the trail presents, bring a perfect balance between nature and civilization.
  2. Not looking for something with an ocean? Well, the Chiquito Basin in the Santa Ana Mountains might work for you. Not only is this trail romantic, but it’s available year round. The hike to and from Chiquito Basin, a meadow on the slopes of the Santa Anas, is one of the few hikes in the area that can be done year-round. Though very lovely in scenery, it should be noted that you might want to be a bit prepared for this venture, as it can get a bit tricky hiking here. Make sure you take the necessary precautions for this hike, as well as any hike to make sure your romantic day won’t get spoiled. There are various areas that cater to various hikers. As the page states here, it might be a bit tricky to get to the trail, but you’ll truly enjoy the natural beauty it has to offer.
  3. Griffith Park is probably one of the most popular places you hear about when you think hiking trails around Southern California, and with good reason. Not only will you be nearby the cool Griffith Observatory, but you’ll also be able to see a wonderful view of Los Angeles. You’ll also notice that you can find a path that will take you straight to mount Hollywood, which will be amazing for a romantic date.
  4. Honestly, I didn’t know that SoCal had such an amazing canyon! Solstice Canyon, located in Malibu, will definitely get you some alone time with your love. The place even has a year round waterfall! This place, containing historical structures as well, can both be an educational trip, as well as a calming one. The seemingly quiet trail will both teach you new things as well as have you enjoying a nice and peaceful day with your Valentine. These are but a few of the amazing trails that will give you some fun experiences with your Valentine. Check them out and make sure that you take the necessary precautions before heading out so you can have a safe hike! For more information, click here and start planning your romantic trip!

Want something other than bananas?

Not a banana fan? There are other potassium rich substitutes for you


Potassium is probably one of the most essential nutrients you can consume following up some intense training.  Athletes and fitness enthusiasts tend to have more potassium in their system then non-athletes, which benefits them as it helps prevent soreness in muscles as well as irregular heartbeats. In general, aside from protein, potassium is an essential nutrient for the fitness nut. What has potassium though? Typically, when you think potassium, you think of bananas, but not everyone likes them. So what substitute foods have potassium in them? Surprisingly enough, bananas don’t yield the highest potassium count. In fact, white beans and dried apricots contain significantly more potassium. White beans contain roughly 561 mg of potassium, which is roughly 16% of your daily value for potassium and dried apricots contain a huge amount with 1162 mg of potassium, 33% of your day’s worth of potassium. Avocados and salmon have hearty amounts of potassium with 485 mg and 628 mg of potassium per serving, respectively. These foods can make some amazing dishes that can be extremely delicious and beneficial to your health. So, if you’re not into eating bananas, then try out these foods and see which tickles your pallet best.

30 Day Paleo Challenge: Is It Worth It?


So, there have been some pretty crazy diet plans out there that promise a healthier lifestyle with great weight loss potential. Among these crazy ones is the 30 Day Paleo Challenge, which has a diet consisting of the consumption of foods that our prehistoric ancestors may have once consumed. The diet consists of the modern interpretations of some of the food that was consumed during the paleolithic era. The diet focuses on some pretty natural foods like fish, and meats that come from grass fed animals. You are prohibited to eat stuff with refined salt and sugars as well as bread, potatoes, and stuff with unnatural oils. The diet literally involves you consuming stuff you would either have to hunt for or gather. The diet also requires that you do some semi intensive workout throughout the diet to balance out your caloric intake. Seems like a challenge, but some critics think that the paleo diet may also be a fad diet, or at least a very inefficient one. Some critics argue that the lack of research into the diet leave several questions regarding long-term health risks since you’re cutting off certain foods such as dairy products. Another issue is the fact that it is extremely difficult to replicate a “true” paleo diet with modern foods since a lot of what we have is processed in one way or another. Truly lean meats and natural veggies are very expensive to get too, so trying this diet out will require that you are willing to burn a couple of extra bucks to get what you want.

Super Bowl Running

It may be tempting to watch, but try for some fun runs too!


The Super Bowl is coming within the next week, so many football fans and enthusiasts are going to be busy getting ready to tailgate and party. But, if you’re the kind of person who likes to be active instead of loafing by a TV, or you didn’t manage to get your tickets, then try the Super Bowl Day 10K run and 2-person relay. If you’re in the Sacramento area during this time, register now here and enjoy a nice scenic run through the beautiful campus of CSU Sacramento. There will be other events to try out other than the 10k, such as the “Future Star’s 40-yard dash” and meeting Detroit Lion’s running back, Jahvid Best. You’ll even get jersey-formatted shirts for your runs and there will be post-run tailgate parties so you can enjoy Super Bowl Sunday. However, if you’re looking for a more local running event closer to LA, check out the Redondo Beach Annual Super Bowl Sunday 5k and 10k. This event will be equally promising, as it will provide of a day good fitness and fun. There will be live music and following the race, there will be costume contests that you can participate in and enjoy. The page for registration is here, so feel free to try your skills here if you’re closer to Redondo Beach. Overall, if you want to have a fun Super Bowl Sunday without gaining a few pounds, definitely check out these events and have fun.

Studies Show that Yoga Balls Might not Work

Lots of bloggers swear to yoga chairs being extremely beneficial for your spine and general health. However, research shows that the back pain reducing alternative to a chair might have little to no benefit to ones health.

The claimed benefits of switching from a typical desk chair to a yoga ball chair include forcing proper spine alignment, balance improvement, and a good ab workout.  Regarding the ab workout, apparently the changing balance when seated forces  your abs to compensate for the shift. Though this may be true, the cause is the pain that comes up from the increased back discomfort that occurs from the change in balance. In a study conducted at the University of Waterloo, researchers found that the only activity that was occurring on the body was an increase in muscle activity in the lower back muscle and increased discomfort. Other studies have shown that yoga balls don’t actually improve posture. According to a research at the  University of Teesside School of Health and Social Care, the subjects that sat on a yoga ball typically did not have better posture, but instead had to constantly alter their posture to compensate for the balance.

The best choice for reducing your back pain is to make sure you stand upright for a few minutes at a time. An Ask Well article, where you can also find more detailed research, suggests standing upright every 15 minutes per an hour sitting.


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