10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Runners

Road ID

If you’re clueless what to buy the runner in your life here are a few suggestions for runners at all levels.

  1. Runner’s World Magazine ($12)
    For the newbie runner turned super fan this magazine is a must have. It offers articles with advice, training plans and interesting as well as inspirational stories your runner will heart.
  2. Nike+ Sport Band ($59)
    Also great for the newbie runner, this sport band will track pace, distance, calories and also connects to a worldwide community of Nike+ users your runner can commiserate with.
  3. Road ID Elite ($29.99)
    A step up in style from the original Road ID. It’s a great safety measure for runners, cyclists and swimmers. It can be laser engraved with emergency contact information. And it just makes you look cool.
  4. Vibram Five Fingers Performa ($110)
    Barefoot running is all the rage. The VFF Performas are the coolest looking of the Vibram shoe series which are built to simulate barefoot running (helps with building strength in the foot strike as well).
  5. Nike Storm Fit Running Jacket ($200)
    I have two of these jackets – that’s how much they kick ass. Lightweight, all weather and *convertible* pieces, you can wear it as a vest, remove the hoodie and they are super easy to clean. I took this baby out with my new iPod nano and blackberry during a downpour and both survived.
  6. Zensah Compression Socks ($49.99)
    Great for racing, recovery and traveling. They help increase circulation for tired legs. Zensah are the number one compression sock for runners, triathletes, and world travelers.
  7. Born to Run by Christopher McDougall ($14.58)
    A must-have read for all runners. From Amazon reviewer “Along the way McDougall introduces a cast of characters worthy of Dickens, including an almost superhuman ultramarathoner, Jenn and the Bonehead–a couple who down bottles of booze to warm up for a race, Barefoot Ted, Mexican drug dealers, a ghostly ex-boxer, a heartbroken father, and of course the Tarahumara, arguably the greatest runners in the world.”
  8. Why We Run: A Natural History by Bernd Heinrich ($9.35)
    This is my favorite running book by world class ultrarunner and biologist, Bernd Heinrich. There are biological tidbits and inspirational stories he relates to his life growing up and training for ultra distances.
  9. Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp ($29.95)
    For the trail runner who heads out before the sun rises or takes off right after work, great for visibility and safety in the Winter time.
  10. Garmin Forerunner 405 ($349)
    This is *the best* running watch out there. For serious runners who are training and want to step up their game. If you buy this for the runner in your life, someone *better* be putting out on Christmas morning.

*GREAT Virtual Stocking Stuffer: Hella Sound Running Music ($5)

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