Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Runners

Punkrockracing.com Tech Tee

Punkrockracing.com Tech Tee

Father’s Day is June 20, 2010. If you are stumped on what to get for Dad for Father’s Day, I’ve come up with a list of gifts that would be great for runners (and for those of you on a tight budget). If you want to spend more, you can always give him a gift pack made up of multiple items. This will be especially great for him if you know he is training for a race.

Here are some suggestions with a wide price range to accommodate varying wallet sizes:

Race Day Gift Bag

Might be best to use this gift bag as an outline/starter and make your own for dad using his favorite sports brand duffle bag as a starter. This Nike Race Day Duffle Bag filled with race goodies would make for an ultimate Race Day goodie gift bag for Nike lovers.

The Stick

Although it looks like a medieval torture device, it’s a really great stretching tool for runners at all levels. The Stick is used in lieu or to aid sports massages, taking out tough knots all over the body.

PunkRockRacing.com Tech Tee

For the rock out and run out Dad (and Ramones fan). A very cool tech tee he’d actually wear. Check out the black runner tea with eagle emblem for the image featured in this post.

GUTR Ultimate Sweatband

Strange looking headband but super effective. Kind of works like a rain gutter for profuse sweating. Great gift for gear geeks.

Aqua Jogging Gear

Dad might be looking for an alternative way to stay out of the heat during summer training. This kit comes with a how-to DVD.

Born To Run by Christopher McDougall

This is the must read book for runners everywhere. Great for bookworms and serious running enthusiasts.

Finish Line Doormat

It’s kitschy. It’s cute… it’s good for Dad’s workshed… maybe the house if it’s allowed.

iTunes Purchase RunKeeper

For those on a tight budget you can get Dad the RunKeeper App Pro. It tracks your pace and mileage. Great for those who are Garmin-less.

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