Hydration Gear: What’s Good?

This bottle can save you the burden of carrying bulky gear for water.


Running great distances will definitely make you thirsty. Of course, the most logical approach to this is to purchase hydration gear to help solve this problem. However, is just anything acceptable for your run? Having the hydration packs that are strapped to your back can pose a problem as it seems unlikely that you can forget that you have a roughly 3 pound pouch hypothetically strapped to your back. Not every waist strapped bottle may work either, as the motions made from running can cause your bottle to strike you in uncomfortable areas. However, it would seem that Ultimate Direction’s products might potentially fix this issue in carrying hydration gear. Their product, the FastDraw Plus, fits snug on your writ while you grasp the 20 ounce bottle, eliminating almost any discomfort a runner my experience during long distance runs where water or other fluids may be necessary for rehydration. Not just that, but this ingenious is on sale at their website for 19.95; it also comes in various colors. This is not to say that the other methods of carrying your fluids are not efficient, however. Every runner has their own preference on carrying their fluids, but FastDraw Plus does seem to eliminate several problems that the other hydration equipment poses.

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