Kinesio Tape: Not Just the Athlete’s Fashion Statement

Remember Seeing this Around in the Olympics this Year?


So a while ago during the 2012 Olympic events in London, I realized that some of the athletes had some crazy looking tape around their body. Initially I thought it was just some aesthetic tape to look cool, but after doing some research I found out that the tape has a name and it might actually be useful for athletes. The stuff is called Kinesio tape and it supposedly works by sticking to your skin adhesively to help regulate your lymphatic flow, consequently helping reduce inflammation. This essentially assists in reducing pain and swelling in the affected area. Dr. Kenzo Kase, creator of the Kinesio tape, says that this is a good alternative to traditional tapes and straps, which he says reduces the flow of the inflammatory fluids and prevents proper healing. However, does this stuff actually work? Dr. Kase isn’t the first person to implement such an idea; this stuff has been around since the 70’s. However, his specific variant and society, known as the International Kinesio Taping Association has only been around for a few years, so there’s only been a few studies to prove the effects of this tape. So does the tape actually work? The functionality of the Kinesio tape has been varied with those who use it claiming it does and others who are skeptical. Some believe that it could all just be another “Placebo Effect” treatment.  Regardless of its growing popularity, we can’t really know for sure if it works or not until there are enough studies. I don’t think it will be a big loss to try it as the tape is on sale for a 5.99$ on the official website.

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