Some Running Earphones for your Consideration

Consider these headphones, like this AfterShokz Sportz set

Consider these headphones, like this AfterShokz Sportz set

Music makes running infinitely more awesome and bearable, but you can’t really enjoy the music if your earphones constantly fall off! Obviously not any earphones/earbuds can work, but we do know that there are some amazing earphones out there that can make our running experience fantastic. Here are 4 earphones that can compliment your spending caps.

Sony MDR-J10 h.ear Headphones with Non-Slip Design-$19.99: I know, these are some dirt cheap running earphones. That’s what makes these headphones awesome though. When you consider the design of these headphones and consider the cost, these work perfectly for your daily run. You never have to worry about ruining really expensive headphones. There are, of course, several downsides to owning these. From my experience, I have had a lot of problems with it busting after extensive use. Regardless of that, these headphones are great if you want a cheap fix for your running needs. They’re practically available everywhere, which is convenience for all to get. However, if you’re looking for more high tech headphones that give you more for their price, keep on reading.

AfterShokz Sportz M2-69.95: These headphones are neat. They’re not the typical separate earbuds, but instead they are linked around the back of your head, so  you dont have to worry about shifting earbuds. the built-in controller allows you to use all your MP3’s features without needing to twiddle with the object. Aside from that, it is made from waterproof and slip resistant materials, allowing you to run in the rain without worrying about slippage. Of course, if you had experience with built-in remotes, the controllers tend to wiggle and tug, even if they clip on to your shirt. I’ve had some light chafing around the clipped area as a result of the constant rubbing, but it’s otherwise great. The noise reduction on these headphones is great; you’ll forget that you’re running in the environment  you’re in as you’re lost in the music. For its price, these headphones are well worth the price.

Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680i Sports Headset- 70$: These headphones will also appeal to you sound enthusiasts out there too. Though not necessarily “studio quality” headphones, they do have some awesome bass. The remote built in also help out in reducing your need to mess with your phone while you run. Though sweat/water resistant, it does have problems with strong winds. It has a 4 foot chord and its loud, if you like listening to music loudly, which compensates for not having sound reduction features.

BOSE SIE2i- $149.95: I have always enjoyed Bose’ products, even if they were on the pricier side. These headphones keep with the quality that Bose tries to uphold, having one of the nicest sound quality I’ve heard so far, a plus for you audiophiles. The noise reduction the buds have are very good at muffling your surroundings, so you don’t have to worry about being bothered by others during your run so you can fully enjoy your music.  With the built in remote and armband included, you don’t have to worry about touching your device at all, keeping your hands free for the run. The snug fit on the headphones keep them from falling off and with the weather resistant materials its made from, you can definitely take these out on a drizzly day.

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