Yes, You *CAN* Run Away From Your Problems

Someone asked me recently why it was that I run… so I figured it would be worth one post… although I try not to get too personal here on account of me being personal on every other media outlet known to man and the Internet.

I digress… I started running in October of 2008 when I had reached a dark point in my life. I’ve always thrown myself head first into everything that I did: work, relationships, school, family, etc. I found that I eventually got to the point where I would be so accommodating to everyone and everything else that I would lose myself in the process.

So I ran… my co-worker challenged me to train for a half marathon with her at the time and when we didn’t run together I would run alone high up in the Santa Monica Mountains to escape my troubles and somehow find myself. I ran that trail at least 150 times to date (and counting) who knows how much blood (I’ve fallen and tripped on a few rocks), sweat and multitude of tears I’ve ended up dropping on that gravel.

Since then I haven’t gone back, I’ve been half marathoning, marathoning (#2 is coming up with the next LA Marathon) and just running for the love of the sport ever since. I don’t consider myself an athlete by any means but if anything: I am a runner.

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  • carmen

    I know exactly how you feel. There are times when I get so overwhelmed and anxious, and all I want to do is run. Going for a run helps me vent my frustrations and clear my head.

  • JT

    Honey you are too young to be overwhelmed and anxious (so am I for that matter) – all happens in good time. Besides, running is the best way to cry and have a good reason to do it ;)

  • JT

    PS – sorry I called you honey ;)

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  • Glenn Jones

    Outstanding post Jen. I *love* running alone fo the very same reasons. That’s wy I’m an afternoon and not a morning runner. I use it as daily therapy.

  • http://sfjogblog/ Sabrina

    inspiring :) this is why lots of people run- it is such a great release. Sometimes I find the more steam I need to blow off, the faster I run…. now need to learn how to channel this on race day, right? lol

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