DIY: Race Bib Tote Bag

Race Bib Tote Bag

Want to be the Martha Stewart of Runners? Here’s a cool crafts project by Melissa Schweisguith where you can turn your race bibs into a super cute tote! I’ve traditionally kept my race bibs in a large frame, but as they continuously seem to be piling up, I am making a tote an immediate crafts project (might make one solely dedicated to certain race distances for good luck. I like the added touch of the medal ribbons as handles… will have to bear to part with a few I suppose!

Directions on creating your own race bib tote bag.

Online Training Plans

RW Smart Coach iPhone App

Training for your first 5k, half marathon, full marathon or otherwise? Every runner has his or her own pace, weekly mileage, that eventually develops over time and trial and error (especially if you are me). For those of you who are relatively new to running or are an on and off again casual runner looking for a more structured plan for an upcoming race… here are some good (free) online training tools to help get you started.

Couch to 5K – Also known as the C25K, this is a very popular ease into your first 5k race 9 week training plan.

10K Novice Training – Hal Higdon is a very well known coach and author of Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide. His site also offers free 10K training schedules (8 weeks long) for “Intermediate” level runners as well as “Advanced” and “Walker”. Pick and choose what works best for you! In addition to the 10K plans there is also a section of various marathon training schedules here.

Runner’s World Smart Coach – A free online and highly costumizable training plan (you have to be a member of the Runner’s World site which only requires an email). I’ve used several instances of Smart Coach programs to train for almost all of my half marathons. Some of the cool features of the customizations include adding a recent race time, how much you run a week (or want to run a week) and what level of intensity you would like to train at. Did I also mention they also have an iPhone app?!

Jeff Galloway’s Marathon Training Schedule – A 32 week plan for runners and walkers to finish their first time marathon. Jeff Galloway is another popular coach, author and inventor of the Galloway method of running (run-walk-run).  I have run a few of my half marathons using the Galloway method and although it is up to personal preference (some runners don’t like the idea of ever walking during a race) despite taking the obligatory walk breaks I’ve seen some good finishing time results (my current half marathon PR was run-walk-run).

Race To-Do: Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon & 1/2 Marathon

Run The Strip At Night

This year is my first year running a competitor series event (best known for their Rock ‘n’ Roll races). As such, looks like I am running San Diego, Las Vegas and most likely Los Angeles. These not being an all-inclusive list of all the halves I want to run this year… I am already out a ton of pennies.

Even so, I am utterly *dying* to run Las Vegas. Why? This is their first year doing the 1/2 Marathon and Marathon at NIGHT on the strip! Seems almost worth the initial $121 registration fee.

When: December 4th, 2011

Where: Las Vegas, NV

Registration Link – Registration is currently closed but will re-open March 31st.

5 Marathons To Try in Los Angeles / Orange County

Me at Malibu Half Marathon

Although Southern California is not known for having a high concentration of runners, there are several world class races to choose from. The great weather year round helps too. Thinking of making Los Angeles or Orange County the place for your destination race? Here are top 5 picks.

Big Sur Marathon – Named one of Runner’s World’s top marathons to run a few years running, this is the most drool worthy course in California.

Surf City Marathon/Half Marathon/5k – One of my personal favorite races. Fast, flat out and back course mostly along PCH. Always sells out with a great race participation vibe.

Catalina Eco Marathon – This is race is on my hitlist. Really challenging trail marathon on Catalina island. (One of the few races in California that can boast about you being able to run with buffalo.)

Malibu Marathon – The course will kill your soul but the views of the beach and the water crashing over the rocks in Malibu will distract you from the pain of your soul dying. I LOVE this course. It’s a cool, hip local race to boot with some awesome locals who run it.

LA Marathon – Running from Dodger Stadium to the Pacific Ocean? Featuring majestic Los Angeles based landmarks this race is a must (plus you might see a celebrity or two).

Confession: My Running Addiction

I remember coming across an article in Runner’s World about running addiction a while ago. I looked it up on a whim today because I was pontificating over my recently and very strictly limited racing schedule (I cut back on racing a ton). Being able to take a step back made me realize how much running has been a driving force in my life (cut backs on social time with friends, spending a lot of my money on races, racing gear, etc.) It’s a way to gain control in my life but I’ve reached a cross-roads where I want some of it back, but not lose the sense of control or discipline.

Running the LA River

In order to evaluate and “cure” myself of my running addiction (making sure I continue to train, get better while not reaping the negative results of alienating loved ones) the first step was cutting back on the racing. Right now I am taking a look at my training. Although with the LA Marathon coming up – I don’t really have an option as far as time commitment goes.

Or maybe I’ll just keep it as is, as long as marathon training doesn’t make me gain weight. Here’s an interesting read on the breakdown and history of thought behind running addiction.

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