Supernatural MMO Secret World to Get a TV Series

Secret World/Secret World Legends will be having a live action television series.

Secret World/Secret World Legends will be having a live action television series.

Funcom’s recent rerelease of Secret World, renamed Secret World Legends has brought the series back on the spot light for its immersive story telling and interesting plot. Now, according to Kotaku, the supernatural MMO title will have a live-action TV series. Produced by Johnny Depp’s own Infinitum Nihil and G4C Innovation, the live-action TV series of Secret World will be set in a modern day setting and follow three secret organizations fighting for power over the supernatural world that only a select few can experience.

It is currently unknown how close to the source material they company will be utilizing for the final product, but we know that this TV series has the potential to be a great show, albeit we remain cautious in our thoughts on this. The Secret World has always done a fantastic job at weaving the “real” world experiences with the supernatural, often through meaningful side quest stories interweaving with the main plot involving your preferred secret society. According to Scandinavian producer Gudrum Giddings of G4C, via Kotaku, Innovation has had the rights to create a series based of the game since 2012.

Considering the fact that Secret World hits all the notes that would make a good television series- secret societies, demons and mythological creatures, and a contemporary setting-, there is a lot of potential for the series becoming well received, potentially boosting visibility of the source material . There’s currently no release date of the first episode, but the series’ pilot has a script already so we hope to hear more about the series soon.

No Man’s Sky’s Newest Update Only Adds More to the Game’s Potential

Atlas Rises brings content to No Man's Sky that finally gives it direction.

Atlas Rises brings content to No Man’s Sky that finally gives it direction.

No Man’s Sky, a game that many felt was incomplete at launch, is finally inching its way closer to being a complete experience with the latest update. Called “Atlas Rising” the new patch/update added new story features to the game, more diverse planetary biomes, terraforming, rudimentary multiplayer, randomly generated quests, and more.

No Man’s Sky has struggled to keep the attention of many players due to its lack of directions, its over the top barebones gameplay, and its overall bland experience. Hello Games, who originally planned on releasing paid updates for the game, released 2 major free updates that added base building and vehicles to the game, giving No Man’s Sky the much needed substance it needed. However, despite the previous updates, No Man’s Sky was plagued with its own limitations of story and experience, making the replayability limited, despite the new updates. However with Atlas Rising, players can now feel like there’s a sense of presence and direction with the game, with the addition of new, exotic biomes and a questing system that encourages players to explore different facets of the game and even a simple multiplayer system that helps tie in one of the major problems the game has faced: the deafening silence and isolation of the universe.

The mission board appears to add more to streamlining the game experience, guiding the player through different elements of the game, whether it be exploration, trading, or combat. This gives you a sense of understanding where you should go, although really anywhere is the place to  go.  The mission board further incentivizes players to leave the comfort of their galaxy/system in order to explore a new location to unlock more blueprints to manufacture rare resources or crafting items. Along this journey, players may even find the many new biomes that have been added to No Man’s Sky’s environments, a feature that has slowly improved over every subsequent update. Planets no longer feel barren wastelands; they have started to become sprawling ecosystems with truly unique elements that has you wanting to explore more.

The multiplayer elements are still very basic, you are not able to see the other players’ character perse, but rather a shining floating orb that represents another character is present when they are near you. It appears that you can do joint exploration and dogfighting missions with other players, but we have yet to experience this mechanic yet. However, these new features seem to compliment well with the new changes made to ship maneuvering, as Hello Games fined tuned the flight mechanics to allow low flight in planets as well as precision movements regarding general flight.

We have yet to fully experience this new experience for No Man’s Sky, but will be reviewing the new changes soon. Overall, Atlas Rises has potentially given No Man’s Sky the direction it so desperately needed as a survival, space exploration game, but we hope that Hello Games has more content to solidify its ambitious IP.

Blizzard Decides to Scale Back On Removing the “Battle.Net” Brand

The new rebranding of the formerly known "Battle.Net", now known as "Blizzard Battle.Net"

The new rebranding of the formerly known “Battle.Net”, now known as “Blizzard Battle.Net”

Earlier this year Blizzard decided to cut its “Battle.Net” brand and switch over to simply being known as “Blizzard”.  Today Blizzard decided to revive the iconic “Battle.Net” name once more, according to a blog post released today.

According to the official blog, Blizzard decided to keep the “Battle.Net” brand because of the weight the name has for many of its fans over its many years in operations,  as well as the response that fans had following the name change. According to the blog post, Battle.Net “…represents years of shared history and enjoyment, community and friendship, for all of us and our players… The technology was never going away, but after giving the branding change further consideration and also hearing your feedback, we’re in agreement that the name should stay as well.” As a result, Blizzard decided to revive the brand to it’s former glory…sort of.

As Blizzard simply wanted to rebrand its services as “Blizzard” to do away with any lingering confusion or disconnect between Blizzard and Battle.Net, Blizzard decided to simply combine the two names into “Blizzard Battle.Net”, as shown above. This change does not necessarily affect any services, but show that Blizzard indeed takes a moment to consider fan and community feedback.

In the Wake of the Charlottesville Rally, Discord Cracks Down on White Supremacist Servers

Image shared from Discord's official Twitter page condemning the events of Charlottesville and statement of action they've taken to stop the spread of hate speech.

Image shared from Discord’s official Twitter page condemning the events of Charlottesville and statement of action they’ve taken to stop the spread of hate speech.

Gaming chat client Discord has been a rising star in efficient voice chat services for not just the gaming community, but everywhere. With its capacity to have text based chat rooms and voice chat rooms, with video conference calling coming soon, Discord has been heralded as the new generation of online communication. However, as with any online communication services, there are always going to be those who utilize it for spreading hateful and spiteful messages. Following the tragic events during the White supremacist rally in Charlottesville however, Discord decided to shut down all servers linked to white supremacist and Nazi ideologies. According to the official Discord account, “Discord’s mission is to bring people together around gaming… We will continue to take action against white supremacy, nazi ideology, and all forms of hate.”

The rally, which brought together members of the alt-right, Nazi, white supremacist and KKK groups, resulted in violent clashes that lead to the death of Heather Heyer,32, and leaving 19 injured as a car deliberately drove into a crowd of counter protesters. Following the event, there were reports that some of these alt right servers offered to incite further violence following the death that took place in Charlottesville. According to Kotaku, journalist Laura Loomer reported that a known alt-right Discord server known as Daily Stormer “allegedly offered to ‘bring weapons’ to the victim’s funeral”

Discord further commented on Twitter stating that the above server, including’s server, another known white supremacy server, were shut down. Of course, responded to the shut down with hostilities commenting that this shut down is an infringement of their free speech. Discord has become the latest company to publicly condemn and take action against hateful organizations that spread violence and racism via its online platforms.

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades- First (and Second) Impressions

Comrades finishes its second closed beta test and these are our thoughts.

Comrades finishes its second closed beta test and these are our thoughts.

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, the online multiplayer DLC coming for FFXV, finished its second closed online test for season pass holders this past week, bringing along a few improvements to the surprising addition to the FFXV storyline. Not much really changed aside from the improvements for cooperative matchmaking for questing, but the upcoming DLC felt like a fun, if not somewhat out of place, addition to the story.

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades has you playing as a fully customizable member of Kingsglaive, the elite unit of soldiers who protect the King of Lucis. You’re able to use magic and hot swap weapons thanks to Noctis sharing his kingly powers to the Kingsglaive. As of now, it’s unsure where the DLC is taking place in the main story, but considering some of the hints that the beta left via shop and NPC descriptions, it could have occurred sometime after the events of Chapter 13 in the main game, hence the barricading and preparation for an influx of daemons. As mentioned in the previous article, you can unlock more weapons and clothing as you progress through the DLC’s quest mechanic, but the closed test only allowed for limited use of these features.

Your custom character is very well rendered into the main FFXV world; you don’t feel like you a cardboard cut out or out of place at all. Mechanically, the controls feel very much the same, with the exception of the integration of actual magic (no need for flasks with your Kingsglaive). You can now cast an area of effect healing spell that will heal you and your party members in the immediate vicinity or cast offensive magic spells that consume your MP, much like the more traditional Final Fantasy games. It is implied that more magic spells will be made available in the final release of the game as well, so no need to worry about the current roster of spells available. Furthermore, you can use a barrier like spell that will not only protect you from incoming attacks, but also protect any member of your party who is hiding directly behind you as well. Of course, this ability utilizes MP as well, so it must be used sparingly. Directional protection seems to be a small but nice mechanic to be implemented into the DLC as the main game doesn’t necessarily have this kind of mechanic readily in place (You can block with a massive shield but that’s pretty much it). Following the second closed test, partying up with players has become simpler without interruptions. Much of the combat feels the same minus the new mechanics mentioned previously, but overall the questing feels very much like a barebones Final Fantasy experience. Communication is limited to either chat phrases or voice chat via the Playstation Network, so don’t expect complex text based communications, unless Square Enix decides to implement it in the final release.

Much of the game really feels like a quest grind to get meteorshards, which apparently may be used to unlock more weapons, abilities, and clothes in the final product. Aside from that and the cooking elements, not much else seems to be in store for Comrades. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but Square hasn’t really mentioned if this DLC will be incorporating any story heavy elements into the experience, meaning we could very well be receiving a bare bones dungeon crawling DLC, minus the dungeons. There will be an explorable “city” that will replace the closed test camp, which will presumably delve further into the state of affairs of Eos and explain where exactly all this will be taking place, but this is all merely speculation until release.

The main concern with Comrades, aside from its strange concept, is that the game will just not provide enough content to keep player retention, even with the capacity to unlock potentially limitless clothing items and weapons. Square has not provided enough substance in the closed test nor has it publicly spoken about any other features aside from monster hunting with friends. Despite this, Comrades has the potential to expand the FFXV universe, something that needs to be done since the game’s story has arguably been fragmented since launch. Currently, there is no release date for Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, but we hope more features and news will come up to elaborate on the potential for this upcoming DLC.

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